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Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling offers some real advantages over the permanent alternative. Firstly, it will conceal any obstructions attached to the underside of the joists, allowing easy access for electrical wiring, any pipe-work or air conditioning that is installed above.

Suspended ceilings are a better sound barrier than drywall ceilings,  and the ceiling is levelled as it is installed. (The existing joists need not be level or even straight) With a suspended system you can add insulation above and install special drop-in fixtures such as fluorescent lighting, heating and air-conditioning.

The face finish on the ceiling tiles extends from a soft flat decorative look to a specialist hygienic finish. Should noise be a major concern, special acoustical panels that help to control noise are available.

C2 Interiors will supply and maintain any type of
suspended ceiling regardless of size,
anywhere in the British Isles.

01484 300106 or by email on sales@c2interiors.co.uk

C2 Interiors
Office Partitions

Our partitioning systems allow the creation of stylish offices, meeting rooms, toilets, dining areas and other areas tailored to your exact requirements, whilst making effective and efficient use of the available space.

Partitioning is available in a wide range of styles, with high levels of sound insulation and fire protection. From timber-framed and metal-stud & track to modular demountable systems.

Using Komfort and Tenon partitioning systems our specialist installers can create the perfect working environment.

Our range of fully glazed frameless partitions create a feeling of space, sophistication and style.

We can include integral blinds within the glass and cable management features.

C2 Interiors, can design and install your perfect office environment.